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Tom Bamforth

Dear Phil and Keith, I am a travel writer and will be visiting Port Moresby with the intention of exploring and writing about the city.

I would be very interested in interviewing Phil about the Inspector Metau books and I would also be interested in meeting with contemporary PNG writers based in Port Moresby.

Do let me know if you would be available to meet and if you could put me in touch with some Port Moresby-based writers.

Hi Tom - Phil and I are both Australia-based - Phil in South Australia, me in Queensland - but we can certainly suggest some writers you should meet. When will you be in Moresby? - KJ

Rebecca Duckworth

Congratulations on your new book, and thank you for making it available. What a wonderful thing you are doing to promote PNG literature!

Baka Bina

That is great work, my congratulations to Phil for getting this work out.

There is yet plenty a future in our sleepy eyes and for literature PNG.

Leo Maso Malala

Without your efforts, struggles & endeavours not much would have been said & expressed, but you made us express it. Thank you Phil.

Bill Thompson

There are moments when words combine to provide a clarity beyond their singular meaning.

The blog, with its variety of news, information and entertainment, shrouds an important common bond between our two countries.

Many Aussies have the "she'll be right" attitude, many PNG folk have "the Melanesian way" thinking. The effects of both are a general malaise that only shows its self when every thing starts to break and its always someone else's fault. Sound familiar?

When ever I have the opportunity to challenge my fellow Aussies lazy thoughts I always do. Popular thinking isn't always right thinking.

Congratulations and thank you to Keith, Phil and everyone of you who make up the broad church of PNG Attitude.

We appreciate your kind words, Bill - KJ

John K Kamasua

Thank you Phil.

I have shared it with my friends and colleagues as well.


Michael Dom

Thank you. Phil.

I look forward to a good read and a future where the ideas and principles promulgated on this unique blog site as well as the Crocodile Prize literary awards become accepted and revered, entering not only the national conversation, but around the family dinner table, fireplace or mumu pit.

Garry Roche

Phil, Keith and co - Many thanks. Just downloaded it and browsed through. Very interesting reading. Have just returned to peaceful PNG after three months in troublesome Europe.

Welcome back, Fr Garry. An eventful time you drummed up over there - KJ

Corney Korokan Alone

Excellent Phil,

Now I have both the electronic and hard copies.

Noticed the file size is only 3.2 Mega Byte.

Easy to download onto all the smart people's smartphones for reading in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere.

Raymond Sigimet

Thank you very much Phil, Keith, PNG Attitude and Pukpuk Publications for this free pdf copy of "Fighting for a Voice".

Had a browse through PNG Attitude this morning and surprise, surprise, I saw the link at the top.

Had to take a walk to find phone credits just to download "Fighting for a Voice". I was wondering earlier how to get myself a copy, now I have one.

I think I'll spend today reading.

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