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08 August 2019


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Garry Roche

Phil, well said.

Kenny Pawa Ambiasi

Thank you Phil for sharing this. Now my heart is at peace knowing that at least a person from outside PNG can tell the realities of the people of Papua New Guinea. Once again thank you Phil.

Francis Nii

Very true, Phil. That's exactly why I often state in Facebook that I don't think that Port Moresby is PNG.

If you haven't been to places like Nauna, Telefomin, Mt Bosavi, Karimui, Menyamia, Marawaka and met the locals, ate with them, slept in their huts, experienced their success and struggles etc, you have not seen PNG.

PNG is huge, full of diversity and amazement, more friendly than Port Moresby.

The true story of PNG is out there and it is not metropolitan Port Moresby and you have captured that well.

Simon Davidson

An excellent piece, Phil. I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article about the silent majority - honest, hardworking and ethical people who live in the nation outside the glitter of the city.

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