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PNG needs principled leaders to guide us to a better state


SONOMA - Cultivating leaders with moral principles is a societal responsibility to fill the leadership void in every age.

The story of Daniel in the Bible provides a template for how leaders with moral principles can be cultivated, to become a beacon and a moral force in a world washed in moral decay.

Another historic example who fits this mold is Abraham Lincoln who was raised in humble circumstances, developed a passion to learn and taught himself law, philosophy, rhetoric and mathematics.

One of the many books Lincoln devoured was the Bible, and the precepts found in that ancient book transformed and elevated him to become the president of America. His most memorable speech - the Gettysburg address – opens with a quote from Psalm 90.

The lives of these two moral giants show that leaders with principles can be cultivated.

In this vein the home, the church, the school and the traditional dispensers of moral lessons like Papua New Guinea’s hausman can play a vital role in disseminating moral lessons and cultivating moral leadership.

The hausman is the traditional men’s house, where the elders gathered the young men of the village and taught them moral lessons and leadership principles for ethical and principled living.

But the leader must live by the principles that have been taught. Failure on the part of the leader can have a detrimental effect on the conduct of society.

The present state of corruption in PNG, the wanton disregard for the rule of the law and other social evils that plague the nation are due to leaders disregarding moral principles for quick gain.

Instead of being principled leaders, they have become clever devils - cutting corners to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies and draining the nation of its prosperity and cohesion.

If prime minister James Marape’s vision to make this the richest black nation on earth is to be realised, then our leaders must live by moral principles.

Only then will our leaders truly guide our nation to the sunlit uplands and save us from the debt ridden path that the corrupt O’Neill regime took us along so recently.


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