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10 August 2019


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Robert Wilson

Whilst on the subject of mobile phones in PNG.

Why is it that anywhere else, mobile phone carriers provide cheap data/voice packages so people can afford to keep in regular communication. Not so in poor old PNG, one of the most expensive mobile services in the world,

large carriers such as Optus, Vodaphone, Telstra etc wont sign up to provide PNG cheap rates which means that people like me with direct family connections cannot afford cheap and regular contact (both ways) because of the excessive cost.

Yet again the people of PNG are ripped off.

Perhaps the government should be looking into why this is the case and work to find some relief for those not so well off as others with good incomes.

Daniel Doyle

I remember reading a few years ago a commentary on the rapid take-up of mobile phones in developing countries. The author assigned this to what he described as the people seeing a mobile phone as 'the gateway to modernity'. The article above would seem to prove him right.

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