'Don't politicise' planned visit of foreign journalists to W Papua

Clarity in Art


Clarity is king,
In prose or poem.

Clarity in thought, speech, writing,
A virtue we need to cultivate.

Write clearly as the noonday sun,
In language simple and elegant.

Write the idea in style more lucid,
So readers can understand.

Organise complex ideas coherently,
Express them logically and clearly.

All mortals, however diverse,
Are attracted by plain speech.

The best communication must be clear,
Clarity is the highest beauty.

Without clarity, ideas are muddled,
And the message confusing.

So write, edit and write again dude,
So chaff’s purged and gem shines.

Clarity breeds success in art,
The essence of good communication.

Clarity persuades someone out there,
To buy in and share our world view.

So the first and the last lesson in art,
Is be clear, for clarity wins.


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Porap Gai

Thanks DAVIDSON for the clarity of writing arts.
Reality that the thoughts of a writer, presenter and performer must be clear throughout

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