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22 July 2019


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Bernard Corden

Red Indians were often told to go back to where they came from and many did, only to be convicted of trespassing.

David Kitchnoge

Well done PM Marape. Shut down the facility and send everyone to Cairns or somewhere where Australia can shift through them and decide where they go to from there. Why has this been our burden?

Bernard Corden

Our sanctimonious evangelist wouldn't know concrete from cannabis and as many indigenous Australians can attest, you do not have to be behind bars to feel incarcerated. The maxim from Victor Hugo resonates....."He who opens a school door, closes a prison"

Jordan Dean

So much Australian's taxpayers' money already wasted on this processing centre. Purchase a one way ticket back to their home countries.

Ed Brumby

Good point(s), Phil. All PM Marape needs is the courage to stand up to Scomo and Potatohead - and he could always threaten even closer ties with the PRC if they object.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Or else what?

What's stopping PNG doing a deal with New Zealand to take all the genuine refugees?

What's to stop PNG putting the non-genuine refugees on planes back to their own countries?

Mutton Dutton is very fond of saying that the asylum seekers are a matter for PNG.

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