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14 July 2019


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Lindsay F Bond

Religion has its place? As I heard but long down the line...
It was said of Australia's prime minister Scott Morrison, he prayed for a miracle and he 'won' the election.

There were many who prayed for a miracle that Scott Morrison would not win the election.

If anything unites Australians, is it not a yarn with a joke?
In the past, these might have been slow and long. Today, the effect required is of brevity squeezed into a 'sound bite' on aural or ocular media.

Daniel Kumbon

Some people allow others to think for them. They are the ones who forget to act.

Others think for themselves and never forget to act.

Bernard Corden

Q. What is the difference between an Australian wedding and an Australian funeral?

A. There is one less drunk at an Australian funeral.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I can vividly remember the Tourism Minister saying something very similar at the 2012 Crocodile Prize awards night.

He was reading a text written for him by someone else.

All the promises in the text came to nought.

I hope this latest iteration is more sincere.

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