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18 July 2019


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Lindsay F Bond

Please, first let PNG, as a gathering of cultural traditions and manifestations, evidence and embrace humour as a curatorial basis of the perplexity that will arouse emotions.

In this age, reflections of lunar landing fifty years ago and now the lead from Large Hadron Collider, successes tend obscure flares of flaws in societies/nations other than PNG.

Chris Overland

Human stupidity knows no bounds Phil.

As you have observed, right now it is accumulating at an unprecedented rate.

Across the world, we are passively allowing ourselves to be led to perdition by men (mostly) whose sometimes grandiose visions are mainly based upon hubris and delusion, together with an irrational faith that nothing can or will go wrong.

They refuse to recognise that they are heirs to the serial stupidity of many, perhaps most, of their predecessors.

It is rare indeed that genuine political genius somehow rises to the top, flares briefly yet brilliantly, only to be extinguished and replaced by unworthy heirs whose highest aspiration can only be ineptitude masquerading as competence.

The museum of which you speak will need to be very, very large indeed to accommodate even the most egregious examples of political stupidity.

For what it is worth, I suggest that the first exhibit to be featured should be devoted to the statesmen who brought us World War 1.

It is still a struggle to find examples of more outright stupidity than inflicting industrial scale war upon much of the world for the sake of a mostly unloved Austrian aristocrat assassinated by a delusion teenage Serbian fanatic.

Apart from 20 million or so killed and a similar number wounded, the end result was the collapse of European imperialism as a force in the world.

It was an impressive own gaol from the moronic Imperialists who started the whole damn thing seeking to further enhance their overweening ambition and pride.

Of course, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and others are showing promise at being able to exceed even that debacle, so perhaps my recommendation is premature.

PNG will only fill a small corner of a vast edifice.

Francis Nii

Whichever way all the PNG stupidity are represented, the idea is not only amusing but profound that it got me into deep contemplation.

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