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06 July 2019


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Simon Davidson

Great initiative. Creative writing is the next gold mine for the nation.We can export literary gold, in terms of books, poems and novels to the world.Our nation is flooded with western literature. It is time we need to write and promote national literature.

Hazelyn Marybeth Jimlake

Keith, you have my support on this. It is about time Papua New Guineans rise up in this area. I've always believed in the power of spoken or written words. What better way can the next generation see, know and learn of our nation, people, tribes and cultures. This is one way for them to get to learn about this nation through the empower of authors, poets and people with the passion to write.

Trish Nicholson

Supporting Papua New Guinea writers all the way. Home-grown history, literature and storytelling are the foundations of a nation. And PNG has some very talented writers - more yet to be given the opportunity.

Helen Isin

Yes, would love to use more PNG writing in our school.

Steve McCready

Well done Keith.

Paul Oates

Please count me in. Thanks Keith.

Peter Kranz

Definitely a good cause. Peter Kranz

Kogora Hale

Kogora Hale.
The essence of this message is unparalleled.

Kevin Duri Gou

We need Government support for this cause to revive the habbit of reading for present and future generations

Georgina Dogimab

I love to read. Would love to read more books by PNG authors, essays by PNG writers etc. I fully support this call.


Big support from an avid reader.

Sharon Kati

PNG needs surplus of PNG books and stories written by our very own. I support this call!

Roslyn Tony

I am in support. We need our own home grown literature to keep the past and present alive in pen and paper.

Alexander Tagi

How sad it is? I would suggest one ideal way PNG literature can be promoted could possibly be PNG teachers' college libraries. Awareness by teacher trainees to read and select these literature genres can be integrated into relevant instructional activities.

Iso Yawi

Count me in. Iso Yawi (Writer)

Joseph Tambure

We do need government support to preserve our culture and traditions in word form for future generations.

William Dunlop

Yes, I'm with you.

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