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17 July 2019


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Mathias Kin

My novel is similar and based in early 1935 in the Chimbu Valley. I am excited about this one, Phil.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Anyone interested in the Native Police in Australia might like to check out this article on the ABC website.

Corney Korokan Alone

Interesting perspective, Phil.

I have often wondered about the paradigms in South Africa, together with many of the other countries within that continent and here in beloved Papua New Guinea.

Though, there were records of stories from that continent that were directly imported and applied here (to the utter dismay and distaste of our people) the dispossession of land didn't happen. Thank God.

That however, doesn't mean the plot to dispossess land has been stopped in the tracks for good.

Attempts to dispossess land that are silently dressed in different economic development models: the likes of mono-culture cropping and "agriculture on drugs" like the genetically modified food industry, laden with pesticides and waterways pollution are observable events.

These very things don't kill off the natives in one go as with the "magic sticks" but a gradual decimation of the people with poor health, slavery level low wage plantation-like work and death through economically induced poverty are rampant stories we cannot ignore. We will be vigilant against such.

I have seen such things happening in India, South America and the motherland, African continent where highly touted, and equally glamorized magical agricultural ventures have led to dispossession of land and deaths

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