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19 June 2019


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Marriage comes with different challenges in ones live and You must have the shock absorbers to face them.

Make decicions cooperatively. I agree with Rabsuna that we all face problems every day in our lives but it's how we deal them.

Win-win decision-making aims for a plan of action that pleases you both. In marriage when you have differences, quietly express your underlying concerns, listen calmly to understand your partner’s concerns, and then create a solution responsive to all the concerns of both of you.

Gods dominion reign upon your house always. Shalom.

Life is one hell of a ride. You survived. Keep going Pawa.

Caroline - Thanks a lot for your comment.

Daniel - Thanks a lot for your positive comment. Actually you were my model in writing I looked upon some time ago.

I took you as a senior brother from Enga as I am from Southern Highlands. All I can assure you is that, yes, I will continue to write as you are encouraging me.

Robert - Such a praising comment from someone senior and from other side of the camp is something I will never forget.

Enjoyed your comment Robert.

No one really mentions marriages between Australians and Papua New Guineans when they talk about "our special relationship".

There must be hundreds, perhaps thousands of children with a foot in both camps.

Thanks a lot Robin and Paulus for your comments.

Pawa - Enjoyed reading about your journey into the complex and at times bewildering state of marriage.

Like you, I also married a highland girl but I took two years to woo the parents before we mentioned that marriage was something we wanted.

A major difference between us was that I am a white Australian and did not have the courage to not discuss matters with her mother and father before even telling my own lot in Australia.

Initially Jane's mum was not very happy although her Dad and I got on like a house on fire. Mum eventually came around and I was her favorite son up to the day she passed away.

The end result is now almost 43 years married, two lovely daughters and still in regular contact with family and friends in Asaro.

I can assure you that like all relationships we went through difficult times but I am convinced we were lucky to find each other and neither of us have ever regretted the decision to marry.

I hope and pray you and your wife have as much luck and good fortune as we did.

Pawa - A well written, insightful and enduring tale.

I always look out for the Readers Digest in second hand stores in PNG because I always find inspiring stories like this one.

Keep writing.

Such a beautiful reflection and great advice for young couples and the young generation. Thank you Pawa.

Interesting reflections, Pawa. A big "Well Done" to you and your wife for your love and consistency over those eight years.

That parental testimony will be so important to Sony and Pam as they grow to maturity and discover their places in this turbulent world.

Pawa, thank you very much for sharing this. I admire your courage and "never give up" mindset.

Yes, we all face problems every day in our lives but it's how we deal them. Your second last line just hits the spot. I noted that down well and will stick to it.

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