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24 June 2019


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In order to create a rich black Christian nation, we have to solve some structural and underpinning problems that are obstacles.

They include:
1. Address law and order problems including gender based violence.
2. Address youth identify problems.
3. Workable population policy and family planning to reduce population growth.
4. increased agriculture funding to be self sufficient in food production and no more imports.
5. Set up more factories for coffee, cocoa, and tea production.
6. Review the mining laws and allow more government and land owners participation.
7. Promote small and medium businesses for common people.
8. No more borrowings and reduce foreign debts.
9. reduce dependency syndrome.
10. Improve time management.
11. Change of mentality and behaviour change to transform our society.

Remove the word Christian and replace with humanitarian. Apply the term 'gender equality'.

A good observation.

To be a 'Richest Black Christina Nation', we need to be rich in spiritual space of our lives first.

This is because violence and men abusing women, men stealing funds reserved for development are results of degrading in ethics and moral values.

Only Christian values can help us strong.

Thanks for the insightful view on violence faced by women in PNG.

Like many things never changed overnight, slowly men folks will change their mindset on women values and importance in society.

Take the Arab world, women are totally confined and into a mere beings in society, less to violence but more to having no equal rights as men, but now it opens slowly to the world, PNG will have lesser and lesser violence cases against womenfolk in the near future.

In order to understand PNG society, we need to learn the inherent societal values and creeds, intrinsic pattern of lives that 85% of the population lived and how they appreciate the traditional and modern PNG.

That is where you will understand the core of the issue, not by face value of what you hear and see.

One fact that traditional PNG value is women; they bring pride, wealth, prestige and next generation, never in traditional PNG, men despise and condemn values and importance of women, girls and mothers. However, now we see increase in violence against women.

Back to the point, directly addressing violence against women is not the solution. The solution lies in the contrary, even many laws enacted to curb and minimise violence, still there is no impact, even men folks asked to be champion of change and advocate; still there is no difference to the indicator of violence suffered by women.

In modern PNG, we have what is called “a strong society and weak state”, a book by a PNGans anthropologist Joe Kietan will explain more on that.

Digging down to the root cause of the violence is the only way to deploy appropriate solutions to violence against women.

However, we can discuss few of these but other options are still inherent to traditional PNG. Making PNG a rich and Christian nation is the way to go but only become possible with respect to the inherent traditional PNG values and creed.

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