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25 June 2019


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Hahaha.... Phil Fitzpatrick - you made me laugh all through as I read this piece.

Lifestyle disease is arresting the life of Papua New Guineans. People are not mindful of their betel nut spital.

As such trash bins in offices, kai bars and along footpaths are full of red betel nut staff.

The case for touching breasts is over. Now sex outside of marriage is widely practiced. Immoral people are invading values and ethics.

We Papua New Guineans really need to be responsible in our own thoughts, words and actions.

No one will do it for us.

The kiaps came and did their part to improve our lives. Now they are gone, we have to continue from where they stopped.

Not going back to primitive ways like our forefathers, like before the kiaps came.

Ha! Try wearing an Army kilt and being 'regimentally dressed'. A man's normal sitting stance had to be guarded against at all costs.

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