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25 June 2019


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Pawa, I continue to admire your writing. But this inspirational love story is not complete.

Is it possible you can encourage your wife to express how she felt when she and the two girls were forcefully taken away from their dad and husband?

How did they cope in the two years? What went through their minds?

Elders told us in the hausman that we had to treat our wives as we would want our own sisters to be treated by their husbands.

They also said a rich man's son will marry a poor man's daughter or a poor man's son will marry a rich man's daughter.

They were not talking about paying so much bride price but paying what could be afforded by the groom.

Your wife loved you so much to come back to you. She is the type of women a man in traditional times cut their ear lobes or smashed a finger when she passed on.

And it worked the other way round too. The woman doing the same - severing her own limbs and wearing white clay and strings of Jobs Tears for months when her husband died.

I write about all this in my latest book 'Survivor', in the third story, 'The Old Man, His Wife and the Young Girl'.

I request that you submit your stories to the two dailies - the Post Courier and The National - to publish in their weekend magazines to allow for more people to be inspired.

I wish you and your family more happiness and blessings.

This piece is the kind of stuff that is sure to rain tears around many television screens, everywhere - not only in our beloved country.

Wonderful story! Interesting read too.

Oh, by the way, not all divorced/separated Highlands men take the first available flight to any second damsel. Family values and respect for life is not confined to any geographical setting in Papua New Guinea or any part of the planet.

The beauty about challenges is that it helps us to grow and become wiser. It unleashes hidden strengths and power within us. It helps us to find the right sense of direction.

You have embraced these challenges and made the right choice.

Thank you for sharing another wonderful and inspiring story.

Dear Pawa, this is another beautiful reflection.

My husband is part Highlands and as a nambis women, I had no hesitation standing up for what I believed was always right for me and my kids.

I can only imagine how difficult it may have been for your wife and I applaud her for being strong in spite of all that has occurred.

I believe that love conquers all. And that is what you have demonstrated in your marriage.

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