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18 June 2019


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Thank you my Kaime, Corney, for this generous offer.

I am sure Margaret Potane and Akii Tumu will be pleased to know there is one Engan who is willing to give of his own free will for the benefit of our children.

To their credit they bought several copies of my first book, 'Remember Me', but they were not able to purchase the other copies because of a cash flow problem experienced in the country.

Wabag Primary School and Mulitaka Secondary School got copies on credit bases but they have not been able to pay when they did not receive their TFF funds on time or not all of it.

In that sort of a situation, your offer to have books placed in a central location is most welcome. As you might know the former public library was converted to the Wabag National Court chambers.

I will let Margaret and Akii know that you will donate copies of my other books - 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now', 'Can’t Sleep' and 'Survivor'.

Thank you, Kaime

Note: there are limited copies of 'Survivor' at the UPNG Bookshop now.

What’s an Engan for, Corney my Kaime?

Our people need such gestures to encourage them along the way.

To their credit, the Director of Commerce, Culture and Tourism, Margaret Potane, and Director of the Enga Taik Anda, Aki Tumu, did buy copies of one book, 'Remember Me'.

They could not buy 'Can’t Sleep' and 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now' because of cash flow problems in the country.

I am sure they will be pleased to receive copies of my latest book, 'Survivor', as well to add to their other titles in the cultural centre library.

Kaime, I will let Margaret and Aki know of your offer to help.
I am publishing this article together with all the comments on social media outlets tonight.

It also appears in The National newspaper’s Weekender today, Friday 21 June.

It's refreshing to see one of our writers chat with the PM about the importance of literature and writing. Thank you Daniel.

Keep writing Daniel. Your passion and legacy will catch on at the appropriate time. Timing is everything.

Your art is inspiring and challenging many folks already, whether they choose to buy, read and comment here or not.

Does the Enga Taik Anda Cultural Centre have any copies of of your books yet?

I offer to pay for them if not done, so that you can pass them to the leadership team there managing the facility so they can make them available at that important educational space.

Doing that will spur our youngsters to not only get a chance to see the traditional artifacts and books by foreign authors but read our own books where they can get a chance to express themselves in writing too.

I appreciate all your comments.

Writing is like food, it’s meant to be consumed first here in PNG. We must be interested in our own products – books, music cassettes, paintings etc and promote each other’s work.

Due to the high illiteracy rate and a lack of reading culture, only developed among the literate few, publications by PNG authors might remain untouched for a while yet it seems.

But, like I say, I will keep writing, for it is a passion I have developed in a lifetime. It has become an obsession, hard to stop.

I wish to communicate the present situation with future generations of Papua New Guineans who might be different from the carefree buai chewing, poker playing, drinking, card playing, womanising lot (leaders included) I have witnessed over the years.

Thanks Betty and Melanie for showing interest to buy some of my books. UPNG Bookshop is the only avenue some of my books have been purchased from.

But you can go online to to purchase online using a credit card.

Otherwise, you can send the money to me or send it direct to a tireless friend of mine Phil Fitzpatrick who will order them and have them posted direct to your address.


Daniel’s five books are available from Amazon through these links (and 'I Can See My Country Now' is also available for free download using the link at the top of this home page) - KJ

Survivor -

I Can See My Country Clearly Now -

Remember Me (Stories from Enga) -

Can’t Sleep -

Climbing Mountains -

Sure, with new technology, students will comprehend and relate more to PNG-authored books than foreign books with unfamiliar cultures, ways of life and scenes.

Not all of PNG's advantages are used to their fullest potential and, like any new technology, some people have not yet joined the party.

Thanks for this educative and inspiring article with brilliant ideas for students.

Interested to purchase some of your books, let me know how I can do that

Sadly, largely because of so-called 'free education', the Department of Education would have little, if any, money for bulk purchase and distribution of books.

This may change with two good men at the top, the new Minister for Education, Hon Joseph Yopiyopi, who did a sterling job as the NCDC education boss in days gone by, and Dr Kombra.

Meanwhile, perhaps there could be some advocacy and pressure for the business community to engage with the procurement and sale of PNG-authored books which schools could buy from them using their 'free education' money.

So motivated by your article this morning and would like to purchase some of your books.

Hi Daniel - There is a wind of change blowing with the new government's policies on wealth creation.

It will be good if the present police minister, who writes about social and political issues, and the prime minister can support literature and create a good climate for writing in PNG.

Writing is an industry in foreign countries and if this nation supports writing and writers, we can write a million stories and, through literature, writers can generate wealth.

We should think about creating multiple streams of income and writing is one of the ways.

Daniel, I am blessed and motivated by your article as I travel on a journey of sharing my writing and publishing experience with school students in NCD in the hope of inspiring the next generation to find passion in writing.

I have a number of books which I will be giving away for free including your book titled 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now'.

Wow, thanks for this. I am inspired to keep on writing.

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