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09 June 2019


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Arthur Williams

Thank you Bill for your informative report on life at the ‘coalface’ in the terrible Panguna mine saga.

Sadly it only reinforces my negative gut feeling towards mining companies and their continuing efforts to suborn governments of putative democracies in often mildly or badly corrupt developing nations.

Perhaps it is in my DNA as a son of South Wales where nearly every family was nastily impacted by mining.

I had a grandfather who died of ‘The Dust’ while the other was involved with providing sustenance to rescuers at the Senghenydd disaster that killed 493 miners. Two others died from events connected to mining.

How green were the valleys.

Chris Overland

It is hard not to be amazed by the single-minded determination of the company, Administration and Australian government to have their way despite the trenchant and clearly expressed opposition of the traditional land owners.

Still, in 2019 we have the example of the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland where both State and Federal governments are determined to press ahead with development despite widespread public opposition and dire warnings about potential environmental and financial consequences.

What could possibly go wrong?

No doubt Bill's next chapter will illustrate all too clearly just what can, in fact, go wrong when the expressed will of the people is ignored.

Chips Mackellar

A superb account of your experiences on Bougainville, Bill, just like the previous chapters. Can't wait for the next chapter. As you mentioned, I expect it will be horrendous.

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