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26 May 2019


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If indeed there is a change of government in next week's vote of no confidence, if there is one, there is one inescapable fact that must be confronted.

Those in the PNG parliament who may support the possible vote are also those who supported and were themselves part of the self same government who allowed things to get to where they are today.

There is nothing to prevent the same scenario as was the norm in South America last century where one revolution only installed a similar regime, one after another.

The irrevocable essence to prevent this from happening is a political party system that can exert authority and be held accountable to maintain a set of policies issued before they take power. Currently this does not exist in PNG.

The euphoria of change will therefore undoubtedly and inevitably give way to heartfelt disappointment unless and until any likely winners emerge from the possible fracas next week who can in the future be held responsible and accountable by the people.

All else is 'maus wara nating!'

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