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20 April 2019


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Peter Kinjap

Thanks Johnny - That PNG-Indonesia should value more highly the biodiversity of the island of New Guinea and monetise efforts to protect the forests and wildlife is an interesting suggestion that the T4G project would be willing to further work.

I will email you seeking further contacts to establish links between PNG and Indonesia. Thanks again for the comments.

Johnny Blades

Sorry Peter, an earlier reply which I thought I posted didn't seem to make it.

Forest clearance on the Indonesian side is moving rapidly. It seems Jakarta's pledge form a while back to halt all new oil palm concessions has not been implemented in Papua.

So apart from political willpower, I would suggest people put pressure (by exposing or boycotting products) on companies who use palm oil sourced from such deforestation hotspots as Papua, and they do include some big names:

And another thing is for PNG and Indonesia to take steps to place more value on the biodiversity of the island, and more effectively monetise efforts to protect the forests and wildlife etc.

Peter Kinjap

Johnny - Thank you. Political willpower is required for amalgamated forest sustainability in New Guinea. We can raise your point with CCDA and the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby. Would you recommend any other possibilities please?

Johnny Blades

On a side note, where is the synergy between Indonesia and PNG when it comes to protecting forests of New Guinea?

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