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17 April 2019


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Philip Kai Morre

When we look at the Melanesian world view we are so mixed up with spiritualism, personalism and myth. We are confused with scientific and praxis knowledge and keep projecting problems to somebody else's doing.

We keep blaming others like our founding fathers and say they led us in the wrong direction. If they led us in the wrong direction, we should correct it and make it good for future generations.

PNG is good in blaming others but we have look at ourselves first. We have to change from within to change a society and the nation.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Thanks Joe.

A little bit of misunderstanding by a couple of commentators.

The bit about having the world at their feet and a rosy future refers to the post colonial future when PNG would be its own independent nation.

Somehow this has been misconstrued to mean that colonialism was rosy.

Joe Herman

Look forward to reading your book, Phil.

Mathias Kin

At the time the story is based on, the world (although maybe not many in Australia saw it this way) saw a 'rosy future'for the territory based on it natural resource potential.

But surely Germany, England and Australia did it terribly. It took more than 100 years to get any indigenous person educated - until almost the eve of independence.

On that, maybe we did not look rosy but certainly the outside saw much good in us to conclude a rosy future.

I surely await the final outcome. As I am into history, this would be very interesting to read.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Sorry to upset you Will but I reserve my right to comment on PNG and anything else I feel like.

In one way your obvious nationalism is commendable but in another way it is, like nationalism in general, very dangerous.

Am I to understand that you are asserting PNG's right to deliver endemic corruption, poor educational and health services, lawlessness and all the other ills without being criticised by outsiders like me?

If that's the case there isn't much hope is there?

Will Vele

Colonialism is not rosy and should not be seen as such. There are many horror stories and Papua New Guineans were made to feel inferior.

Whilst the country may not be running perfectly, it is the right of our people and not outsiders.

A ridiculous story....

Paul Oates

Sorry to appear to 'rain on your parade' Simon but there are currently so many similarities with the early 1900's that the world can seem at times, imminently depressing.

Simon Davidson

I like this line from your book chapter: "We had the world at our feet and a rosy future."

Optimism is the engine that stirs the soul and dream of a better tomorrow even if the present seems unpromising.

Now is such a time in the nation, to maximise the opportunities available around us in the 21st century. We have the world at our feet and a rosy future.

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