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18 April 2019


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James Marape's Huli culture demands trust, obedience and morality which is based upon the principle of the common good.

James Marape's reasons for resigning are valid - they were not for personal gain but for the common good that has a higher value.

It is now time for prime minister Peter O'Neill to resign, stepping down with dignity is better than being voted out.

So, severance between the 2014 Finance Minister and the (still current) prime minister may cause readers to revisit a Bal Kama (7/11/2014) commentary on “clarification from the courts in Papua New Guinea" where Bal argues "…the wording is 'mandatory', making it clear that the document is something more than an authorisation: it is an order, demanding obedience…”


Strikingly noteworthy, where in a society that for eons a man might pledge “his friendship and loyalty through his word” and the relationship established is ‘man to man’, a question arising from the PNG Supreme Court in 2014 is of the personification of nation.

Will the nation be bestowed with loyalty, as much and quite more, a pledging that reaches to all citizens and acts for those citizens, each as a person seeking to trust?

The wrest of the nation may not be within the capacity of those lending "humility of pretending they matter".

If "not part of this government, they never were", are 'they' sufficiently adept at national governance (that is, dare it be thought, less said) not mere recipients of 'retainer' funding.

Within this expose, a pointed warning about Australia's innate neglect and complacency in its relationship lies with PNG.

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