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10 April 2019


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Mathias Kin

Corney Korokan Alone, sure you're not a lone here. There are a few out there in your corner. Only a few.

I only wish you can see what 90% of PNG can see. Look around you. Peter ONeill is bad man. Simple as that.

Andrew Brown

'Vital government oversight' I love that turn of phrase Corney. Given the proclivity of the current and past PNG governments to 'disappear' funds I wouldn't give any weight to government oversight other than for the speed with which said funds would disappear!

William Dunlop

Corney, perhaps you and O'Neill should retire to Woop Woop in Neverland!

Corney Korokan Alone

That's a win for BHP Billiton. The compensation whitewash espoused by this mining giant was always considered as a ploy, blindly assisted by local stooges who danced to the music of so-called investors and developers, while they rob the country and point fingers elsewhere but themselves.

The court decision doesn't affect the current ownership arrangements of OTML.

This court battle was confined to the K4.7 billion - which is conveniently hidden away (or diluted to embers by the band of consultants and foreign lawyers there with BHP's blessing ) in Singapore. That is exactly what the PNGSDP board wanted and did so whilst evading environmental law suits and damages.

Unannounced board meeting schedules under the cover of darkness to remove the vital government oversight responsibility at the PNGSDP board is clearly what appears to be standard fraudulent corporate behaviour by BHP Billiton.

That kind of corporate arrogance must be challenged however long it takes at another international court.

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