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26 April 2019


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Porap Gai

Sir Peter Ipatas the Governor of Enga, 'Papa stret blo Enga', the concerned father. Why did not he join Don Polye to form THE party when Don was with the opposition?

If he had joined THE party, today he would be either alternative PM or already PM of PNG. He and Don Polye had a tribal conflict in Enga so they were once enemies.

Honourable MPs of Jiwaka appointed him to be the alternative prime minister but he could not because he missed his chance.

He is an action governor and he should have done amazing changes to the Opposition if he had joined Don Polye. If Enga's Haus Man bagarap then how will we Enga people fixim blo tupla lida blo mipla!

Philip Fitzpatrick

It's called survival mode, Louis.

They can see that O'Neill is unlikely to survive a vote of no confidence and are getting out before they become collateral damage.

There's nothing moral about their decision.

They are doing what all politicians do, looking after their own best interests.

They are hypocrites.

Louis Kulalin

Why did these governors not resign earlier and change the O'Neill government? Why now?

Let the game begin. Bring it on, Bryan Kramer and Mekere Morauta.

Philip Kai Morre

It is better for Peter O'Neill to resign and create the way for a new government. If he doesn't he will be forced out in the coming vote of no confidence. As a result he will face more consequences.

Lindsay F Bond

Eight million reasons, the people who matter, the population of PNG, will be ringing in ears.
Five sets of ears may be hearing reasoning amid cacophony but is their alignment as of knell?
One reasons that voices bell-ting about bad roads, lack of adequate services, and will-ting o'kneel.

Ross Wilkinson

Interesting that they waited until he was out of the country.

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