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25 March 2019


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David Sanny

Francis, I am a young male and have written my diary since I did Grade 6 to now at University. Writing has been a passion.

I don't write stories but I write books containing wisdom. All my references are biblical.

I have completed one book of 180 pages. The second and third books are soon to be completed. This means three books will finished soon. Then another four are running at 60 to 80 pages. They will soon be completed.

Before those books there were other minor books with short story type writing but still not ordinary legends or made up. I created principles and formulated books of wisdom. Things that people learn and things that occur in and around the community.

I need an editor and publication. I tried to consult online editors but they are asking for upfront fees, which I, being a student, can't afford. I need a conversation and later we sort out things.

Call or sms or email me. On 72573318 email

Francis Nii

Thank you Robert for your encouragement. Surely I will keep it going as I want to see many of those writers who have been carrying around their manuscript for many years to see, feel and embrace it in hard copy.

I recall the feeling the very first time I saw, felt and embraced the hard copy of my maiden work. It was heavenly awesome and I want others to experience that feeling.

And not only the feeling, but the ultimate aim to keep promoting PNG literature while I can.

Robert Muka

Very informative Francis, you are an inspirational. Now that you have explained it clearly, I am sure many will join in book writing. Keep up the great work!

Francis Nii

Thank you, Philip. I am really tied up too. I have a couple of books to publish.I will let you when I am free.

Today I am celebrating the National Disable Day with the students and teachers at the Hospital Special School.

Philip Kai Morre

Francis, thanks for your generosity. You will edit my book soon but there have been so many deaths recently and I am just broke going to hauskrai.

Lately Rose Peter, the advocate of women in disability. I took responsibility to take care of most of the deaths of poor people including the disabled and people with leprosy.

Mathias Kin

Francis, I have my own haus krai. On Sunday I am going north into the valley towards the highest our mountain and the land of the Kulkanes, to the very people who killed SVD Missionary Fr Morschheuser 80 years ago.

Some bolma may come down that direction too. Catch then.

Francis Nii

Mathias, I am busy with a hauskrai. On Monday the hauskrai will be removed. Wait for my call. You will accompany to the occasion at Korinigle. They might give me a pig. We'll catch up. Para wo.

Mathias Kin

Hi Francis - congratulations on your progress thus far in your publishing efforts. I was one classic beneficiary of your generosity and good will.

I have thanked you in many ways and many forms. Thanks again, great man!

There is some 'smoke' in your article which alluded to humbugs doing things behind your back. It couldn't be me because I am too good for that sort of rubbish. Like you, I have much integrity to protect.

I say this because you recently published a 400 plus history book authored by me and edited by Phil Fitzpatrick assisted by others which contained more than 60 pictures and three illustrations.

I am at lost for words and I hope you can come good and clear the smoke.

I'm sure the smoke has cleared. Mathias and Francis are dear comrades of mine; they are men of direct words and generous spirit; neither would fire arrows to pierce a friend. (By the way PNG Attitude has an article by Mathias coming up on that late, great, bad ass son of Chimbu, Sir Joseph Nombri) - KJ

Francis Nii

Welcome, Joe. Information cannot reach people and be of help to them if we don't share share it. I hope this information has clarified many doubts and questions the writers and would-be writers have.

Francis Nii

Wakaiwe, Mike.

Joe Herman

Thank you for sharing and all your hard work Francis.

Michael Dom


Francis Nii

Kenny, my email address is but I will contact you soon.

Francis Nii

Thank you William and Darren for your kind words and encouragement.

Yes Jordan, you can increase the fee to compensate for the time and effort but as long as you reach a mutual agreement with the writer and both of you are happy. This is the most important factor of author-publisher relationship

Philip Fitzpatrick

Darren, what might also be useful for you to do is contact Daniel Kumbom in Kandep. He has set up an Enga Writer's Association which has the same aims as the Simbu Writer's Association. He and Francis are friends and fellow writers.

Kenny Pawa Ambaisi

Please I need you to edit my book. May you send me your email address. Thanks.

Jordan Dean

Well said, Francis. That's basically what I've been doing over the last four years. I've been trying to maintain reasonable cost so struggling authors can publish their books as well as have paperback copies.

However, with the depreciating kina and customs charges, I might increase my charges to K1,000.

Darren Talyaga | Wabag

Thankyou, Francis, you are a great PNGn writer and visionary in this 'PNG literature world' that has seen the changes from old typing and editing to the opportunities and challenges we have in modern PNG.

Yes PNGns love stories, the young consume movies with tricky plots all day, most love documentaries, there can be a transition from movie watching back to reading, or vice versa if our PNGs books also find its way to being in a movie script for production that way.

I think is is also a matter of marketing to a wider demographic. As I can read from your article, you have also stated the steps and details, even costs and logistics, to get a book published.

Hopefully someone can assist to put what you wrote above in a simple pamphlet or brochure. Hopefully, if I find time, I can put out an infographic of the steps, that way other PNG potential or interested writer can follow. I am interested too.

Much thanks for now and keep such advice flowing as you know we are reading and someone may actually find the time and commitment not only to start and pause, but complete it.

William Dunlop

Francis. All the more power to you in your publishing ventures.

Francis Nii

Thank you Robin.

Robin Lillicrapp

Bravo, Francis.
What a journey.

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