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29 March 2019


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Philip Fitzpatrick

I think I can speak for most of the PNG Attitude readers in saying that we knew this right from the beginning.

Were we amazed?

No, it was just par for the course.

Were we amazed at Australia's reaction?

No, ever since offshore processing of asylum seekers commenced we knew that whatever PNG politicians did our government would look the other way.

Do we feel for the poor people of Papua New Guinea?

Bloody oath, they don't deserve what's happening to them.

This is the nightmare that many expatriates and honest Papua New Guineans had when independence was on the horizon.

That nightmare has now come true.

William Dunlop

I have commented on a number of occasions on the former foreign minister Julie Bishop's capabilities in that role.

Best relegated to the role of a flower judge at agricultural shows.

Bernard Corden

Julie Bishop was merely a flower pot. Just sat there and looked pretty for the cameras with resplendent Kallis pearls, Armani haute couture with Christian Louboutin red shoes.

As I have stated in previous posts her judgement must have been clouded by over exposure to ambergris and patchouli incense oil at the Airways Hotel day spa.

Good riddance.

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