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28 March 2019


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Philip Kai Morre

Mathias, I thank you for your article on Sir Joseph Nombri who was a man of humility, wisdom and insights.

My mother is from Sir Joseph's clan (Ouakane) of the Kamaneku tribe. The humble servant is a historical figure and a role model for all of us to follow.

Joe Herman

While I was on a short visit to Japan in the late 1980s, Joe invited me to his residence while he served as the Ambassador there. In his typical Simbu spirit, I was humbled by his hospitality. He was a very down to earth person.

Edwin Brumby

I met Joe through my good mate, Norm Oliver (Land Titles Commission) in the early 1970s and, like Bob, can vouch for his ever-present sense of humour and easy-going ways - neither of which distracted from his fundamentally gentlemanly demeanour.

Bob Cleland

G'day Mathias. I've read your book and found it most interesting. Congratulations.

I thought I knew a bit about the Chimbu, but I realise now that was only a smidgen.

This is a good opportunity to tell you a story about Joe Nombri when he was studying in Finschhafen to be an Assistant Patrol Officer.....

The first House of Assembly elections were held in 1964.

They were conducted everywhere by teams, mostly led by kiaps

I was allocated the Wain, Naba and Erap census areas in the mountains north of Lae.

The trainee Patrol Officers from Finschhafen were sent as assistants to these patrols. I scored Joseph Nombri.

Also along for the task was Harry Dunstan, didiman (agriculture field officer).

Neither before nor since that patrol have I experienced such an enjoyable few weeks.

Harry's wit was quick and rather droll. Joe's was equally quick in a rambunctious and outrageous way. The days seemed to be one continuous belly laugh. At times, my ribs ached from the laughing.

But we got the job done

Those weeks started a close friendship between Joe and me.

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