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15 March 2019


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Philip Kai Morre

The informal sector grows as the result of urban expansion which you cannot avoid.

People will do all sorts of things to make money including cook food. Settlements will also increase due to the movement of people to towns.

The informal economy is an integral part of increasing cash flow, improving living standards and eradicating poverty. People are moving into towns to make fast money.

The main reason behind informal sector markets like buai, food and other items is that people have to pay school fees and other fees for their children at universities and colleges.

A shoemaker in Simbu mends shoes to make money to pay for his daughter's tuition fees at university. A kamap seller makes money for the same reason. A firewood seller also and the list goes on.

Just leave them alone because they are human resource promoters and motivators of the country. Just think of some big people, their parents are very poor but they have to do this dirty work to put their kids to higher institutions,

The informal sector has to be controlled with health regulations and rules and it is the responsibility of the authorities to set proper facilities for marketing.

ToPapu Paulus

So that means there will be no more 2-4 market at 9-Mile? No more fried pork meat? No more fried lamb flaps by Mama Rita?

These people make a honest living through their cooked food sales.

NCDC should create a market area for cooked food only. It could be a place where families can go and buy those cooked food and have their dinner there. A good example is like the Singapore Chinatown night market.

More like food junction at Vision City but it'll be outdoors.

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