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Mekamui realigns with Momis as B’ville referendum nears

Pipiro presents Momis
Commander Moses Pipiro presents President John Momis with shell money as a symbol of unity


BUKA - The integration of the Mekamui faction within the mainstream of Bougainville politics remains a priority of the Autonomous Bougainville Government as it prepares for the referendum on independence in October this year.

In a small but significant ceremony recently, President John Momis and his cabinet held a ceremony of unity with the Mekamui who are from the Panguna area of central Bougainville.

Mekamui Defence Force Commander Moses Pipiro is encouraging the faction to realign with the ABG.

“From the outset I must pay tribute to our President Momis for his leadership in the last 40 years,” Mr Pipiro said.

“President Momis’ leadership has set the layout for Bougainville in our journey to self-determination as we prepare a future for all the people of Bougainville.

“It is time for all Bougainvilleans to unite and support our President.

“Our leaders and our national MPs must come together and pave the way for our people,” he said.

“We fought a revolution against oppression and so our dreams of independence must be realised.”

Dr Momis thanked Mr Pipiro for his consistent commitment to peace and unity as well as dealing with the ABG.

“Mekamui must be made a part of the ABG, they are our people and deserve to be part of the process of self-determination,” he said.

“I thank Mr Pipiro for being courageous and having the confidence to open up dialogue with the ABG to realign itself with the rest of Bougainville.

“His action is a display of leadership and a commitment to peace and unity on Bougainville,” Dr Momis said.

He made it clear that the ceremony was not to entice landowners of the Panguna copper and gold mine but a way forward to prepare for the referendum on Bougainville’s political future.

Dr Momis revealed that the ABG is ready to work with the Mekamui to engage them in a collaborative manner to ensure a successful outcome of the referendum.


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