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18 March 2019


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Lindsay F Bond

Plumbing the depths?

Heartening to see from Gary Juffa @hunjara...
"Governors of PNG have filed court proceedings questioning the legality of the District Development Act. Since it's inception the DDA has caused much confusion in Provinces as many Open Members abandon their roles as legislators and become project managers. Each get K75m per term."

Whether DDA has but vector ruse or validated reign might be more than teased out.

Governors of PNG Provinces stand for grounding their feat, they to be not shaken, Provincial funds to be not siphoned.

Lindsay F Bond

Saying “no evidence of corruption” while keeping afresh alerts of caution, concern and cadence (for example, skulduggery) may appease the so-sayer. Yet the venom of such vectoring remains.

Siphonage has meaning for medical folk and is a bit more mechanical for folk plumbing connections. It is the atmospherics of pressure that sustain corruption, the expectancies that benefit on flows so diverted.

Death occurrences said to be premature, needless or (is that?) verging on ‘manslaughter by ineffectiveness and neglect’, are as product of de-humanising disregard. What vector?

Two or more recent aircraft malfunctions have speedily been linked and supposed to indicate vector in the onboard computer software. Rapidly action taken, that aircraft type is now withheld from service availability.

So too harmful is the siphoning of a nation’s wealth (distribution of the unlicensed ‘kind’) yet shameful is the apparent ineffectiveness (disregard?) that lets it ‘fly’, a vector vying venom voraciously.

Barbara Short

Well said. And Australia just let the PNG government get away with murder when it awarded the pharmaceutical contract to Borneo Pacific. Bishop just walked away from a decision that I feel has led to the premature deaths of many in PNG today.

Australia and PNG are like brothers and we should be able to speak frankly to each other. I did not like The Pacific Solution. I felt it was not fair to PNG to have them be so involved with solving Australia's problem.

The Pacific Solution should be ended and they should all be moved to Christmas Island while they await resettlement somewhere.

Morrison is going to have to change his tune after this massacre in Christchurch. The far right racists have to be taught somehow that we are all humans, no matter what the colour of our skins or the religion we follow.

So much money is still being wasted in PNG, by the Australians and well as by the PNGians. Call it what you like.. stupidity, or corruption. Such a pity.

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