A Kiap’s Chronicle: 23 – Anti-mining tensions escalate at Barapina
Work, work - and work

The publisher is in hospital for spinal surgery and  PNG Attitude is likely to be intermittent for several days. But you never know, I may still be able to sit upright long enough to plough through the paperwork. In any event, I urge contributors to continue to submit and readers to continue to comment. Your knowledge, thoughts and memories are precious, and  PNG Attitude will get round to publishing them - KJ


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Philip Kai Morre

Keith, I pray that your health will be restored. May the Good Lord protect and guide you.

Jimmy Awagl

God will heal you, Keith.

Samantha Kusari

Speedy recovery, Keith.

Raymond Sigimet

God's speed in your recovery, Keith. From me and my family.

Dominica Are

May each new day bring you closer to a full and speedy recovery Keith.

Bernard Corden

KJ: Doctor will I be able to play the violin after this surgery

Surgeon: No problem at all

KJ: That's fabulous because I couldn't play one before.

Joe Herman

Speedy recovery Keith.

Joseph Tambure

God is with you and will heal you,trust in Him

Daniel Kumbon

Best wishes from my family Keith. Wish you speedy recovery

Caroline Evari

Speedy recovery Keith.

Paul Oates

Our thoughts are with you Keith. Have a speedy recovery.

Ed Brumby

All the best, Keith!

Barbara Short

Hope the surgery goes well and you are soon standing again!

Michael Dom

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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