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22 March 2019


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Corney Korokan Alone

Feeling nostalgic.
Homestead, homeland.
Pride,attachment and joy.

Daniel Kumbon

Tenkyu KJ na Phil long soim mi rot. Mi bai traim tupelo rot wantaim.

Joe Herman

Thank you for sharing this story Daniel.

Philip Fitzpatrick

What the preservation comes down to Daniel is a scanner and someone to operate it. A simple scanner/printer will do the job as long as the pages are not too big.

Maybe ask your MP for funds to buy a large format scanner and employ someone for a few months to do it.

Once you have a digitised copy you can think about lodging it in various places for storage and viewing by the general public.

Better get back to the book old mate - you're setting yourself up for a lot of hard work there I reckon.

Daniel Kumbon

Thank you Keith for publishing a bit of Enga history today.
It has drawn the attention of our local member of parliament, Hon Lino Jeremiah Tom.

This is the first time I have corresponded directly with a PNG politician on the subject of literature.

My old copies of Enga Nius and newspaper cuttings seem precious to me now. Do you have any contact or know any person or organisation like a university that can help me store copies of Enga Nius in digital form?

I helped start it in 1983 up till 2008 when somebody else took over from me. But Enga Nius went out of production.
I really wish to preserve my old copies in digital form.

Anyway, here goes my discussion on Facebook with Hon Lino J Tom as well as another two responses……

Lino Jeremiah Tom - I love your stories Daniel. You tell them so well. A book on the short history of Modern Enga will be great. Just an idea.

Daniel Kumbon - Thank you Hon Lino Jeremiah Tom for the compliment. With the ‘hausman’ disappearing so fast our young people need such information on the history of modern Enga. A book is an ideal concept to record such information/history but I or any other writer in PNG lack the necessary support.

We writers think the government is not interested to support us in our literary endeavours, Hon Member, I have published five books but I could not launch them here in my own province. And I established the Enga Writers Association but the enthusiasm is gone.

But because I know God blessed me with a special gift, I keep writing hoping to inform and inspire our people. But yes, the book idea is not bad. It has already been forming in my mind for some time. I am sure it will be hard to get it erased from my mind now that you’ve mentioned it.

Thank you once again for your time. PS – I would be happy to present you with copies of my books, the next time you are in Wabag.

Lino Jeremiah Tom - Daniel Kumbon we can talk to progress this great idea. Keep safe.

Benson Nepao - Good idea MP l admire this powerful writer and he should be promoted to write for our future generations.

Chris Katii - Well written… telling the stories of how current Enga has come about. Quite interesting. A book covering the development of Enga would do much. Thanks for putting it up.

The National Library of Australia has an active policy of collecting Pacific publications and will be interested in Enga Nius. You should email here explaining that you possess these valuable issues, that they are deteriorating, that you would like to donate them to the National Library but only if NLA can provide you with digital copies so the publication is not lost to PNG - KJ

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