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17 March 2019


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Garry Roche

Peter, in the third photo, a very colourful one, the dancers (from Tambul) seem to be wearing what was called 'pigs tails aprons'.

I heard a talk from Dr Paul Brennan many years ago and he was very positive about Enga and its culture. I remember some very interesting studies on cultural aspects of the initiation ceremonies (sangai - sandalu).

As you know the name Enga comes from the Melpa language in the Western Highlands, and may be related to the word for eight - Engaka.

Central Hageners referred to Nebyler area as 'Tempagah' (four) and Wabag area as 'Enga'. Some think the numerical association may have had a directional meaning also.

And of course while the Hagen language is called Melpa, they themselves never called it that. In Hagen language 'Melpa' referred to the area in the direction of Kuli, Banz and Minj.

Philip Kai Morre

Enga people are unique despite law and order problems. They keep their culture and identity alive.

In institutions, universities and colleges you can identify Engans easily because they still speak their own language or tokples while other provinces speak Tok Pisin.

They can be aggressive people and can confront situations aggressively but once you are with them you find them different.

Joe Herman

Nice work Peter. Excellent opportunity to showcase the province.

Daniel Kumbon

Thank you for this article, Peter. You remind me of a lone bird of paradise I saw at Cleveland Zoo, a tree kangaroo and ground pigeons, the types you see at the Nature Park.

Dr Paul Brennan has done a lot of work in Enga preserving a lot of artefacts, some of which he had taken with him. But most he displayed at the Enga Cultural Centre, now renamed Enga Take Anda after IT was renovated and improved on by Dr Polly Weisner.

I was a committee member to establish the Enga Cultural Show in 1994 long after Dr Paul Brennan had gone. Enga Show continuous to be one of the major attractions to the province

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