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18 March 2019


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Arthur Williams

The BBC fairly recently aired a program and showed Attenborough's early photos of the birds of paradise. In black and white of course does little to reflect the wonderful colours of the bird.

Yet B & W in our movies still enthralled us kids in the early post war years.

Philip Fitzpatrick

The Australian section is good too Johnny. I particularly enjoyed the stuff about the 'no hopers'.

Johnny Blades

This is a bloody good book, I really enjoyed it not just for the PNG part, but for the section about Madagascar as well.
It's as much about the people as the wildlife.

Joe Herman

Thanks Phil. Will look for a copy.

Daniel Kumbon

Phil thanks.

Some great men of history like Alexander the Great died when he was only 33 years of age. He was a conqueror - death and destruction was his path to greatness.

But David Attenborough 92 and still working, still concerned for the continued existence of planet earth..

I visited the bedroom of another great man who invented the very electric light bulb I am using right now - Thomas Edison.
He kept working to create another 1000 inventions to improve living conditions of humanity.

Such men, no doubt live long .

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