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12 February 2019


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Lindsay F Bond

So many topics, all are important.

As a downer, Alotau has no magistrate, says one news report.

As a lifter, Charlie Lynn and friends reportedly helped 'Iarowari High School in Sogeri', in part with a fish farm.

As a source of hope, PNG Attitude has stirrings to revive the ailing Pukpuk prize.

Not one item is sufficient, all cling to each other, a 'drystone' wall lacking (what shall we say?) mortar.
Thanks to Bernard and Phil, the societal equivalent is no longer anonymous, it is recognisably of 'anomie'.

Far different from a state of 'anarchy', and be-saddled with anomalies of its National Constitution, with citizens in National anthem of being free, PNG folk have a bind of proximity and (as it might be said), a kind of unboundedness, no matter that older folk might be 'mortified'.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Anomie means the lack of normal ethical or social standards in an individual or a society. Where this lack of purpose and ideals occurs in a society there is eventually a system breakdown.

Bernard Corden

Anomie is a word that springs to mind.

Lindsay F Bond

‘On yah’, Phil, in there, boots and drawl, patrolling to new heights, heaven bent.

Yet as Gary Juffa wants clear air for a Pacific share, so too there will be a great many folk who would wish they were not encumbered by the word ‘they’.

As to encumbrance by urges of compulsion that 'they' must do something, perhaps some will wish the urging fades away, as mountain mist evaporates.

How can their heaven be derived from or equated with heaving?

Paul Oates

Perhaps we're missing the point Phil. Maybe PNG represents the norm as far as human societies are concerned. After all, just look how many other countries are in a similar state.

Maybe it's time to look at what nations are worth holding up as an example and why.

Sorry! We just got to an interesting point of conjecture and now there's another inane add break about mobile smart phones, fit bit watches or some other useless junk that you just have to have in order to be someone.

Soap powder ads were supposed to be aimed at a sub optimal IQ of 75. I wonder what level of IQ the ads these days are targeting?

Are we, as suggested a few years ago in the PNG parliament, actually progressing, but backwards?

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