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18 February 2019


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Sorry Francis for my treating the topic so light-heartedly. In fact it was either that or bloody well throw the PC at the wall. It just goes on and on and the evil greedy hearts of these corrupt elites know that there are more important things for PNG citizens to be worried about like footie or street sellers.

In fact it is the corruption you highlight that leads to more and more of the folk from the Moresby settlements having to turn to street selling to exist. I wonder if kids are still selling single cigarettes to car drivers at traffic lights?

Sadly too many times a week I read of the effects of this blatant theft from the nations wealth. I see dangerous eroded roads, rotting plan bridges, abandoned aid posts, lack of basic medicines, dirt floor classrooms. Have these spivs no spark of humanity for improving the lives of their fellow citizens.

PNG has mined so much mineral wealth; clear-felled million of cubic metres of rainforest logs; exported 400 shipments of LNG; yet poverty and lack of infrastructure blight everyday life of a nation with only 8 million people.

One of my daughters remarked on a documentary about Fiji when she saw miles of sealed road and the large numbers of tourists that visit the small nation,”Why is PNG so backward Dad?”

Thank you gentlemen for your well intended jokes. While some of us are fighting corruption at our own levels, it is very disheartening to see Australian politicians and businessmen colluding with PNG counterparts in promoting corruption in this country like the security on Manus involving Paladin and Peter O'Neill/Marabe and others.

The Australian government should help PNG to get rid of this pernicious disease called corruption and not allowing its leaders and citizens to promote and perpetuate it.

Yes, Arthur, at that rate the 'lift' would have kept going, burst through the roof and was last seen disappearing in the direction of the Highlands. It's hard to imagine what it contained.

Francis. The finesse of 'creative corruption'.

Francis this lifts corruption to a new level.

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