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02 February 2019


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If these refugees are seeking protection, why didn't they apply to stay in PNG just like refugees from Indonesia?
A lot of Indonesian refugees are now successfully educated and enjoying every benefits in this country regardless of setbacks which Papua New Guineans are experiencing as well.

In saying that, PNG is safe and there are lots of opportunities here than their country of origin unless they have ulterior motives.

As an interesting aside Philip both Kevin Rudd, who instigated the present system of dealing with asylum seekers arriving by boat, and Scott Morrison, who refined the cruelty involved and presided over the system for many years, are both committed Christians of the most zealous kind.

The refugees at Manus detention centre or either at Pacific International Hospital are priceless human beings who needed total health care and support.

The refugees need psychological or emotional support which is equivalent to physical health care. We are not at war with their countries of origin so we don't have to threat those refugees like prisoners in German concentration camp during the second world war. Ignorance is a violation against human rights.

We have to show love and caring towards those people who needed help and emotionally broken. We need to show unconditional love and comfort those who needed comfort listen to their grievances, feel the sufferings and pain they have gone through and experience their daily life.

As Christians we should be motivated in caring for others who are marginalized and helpless which is a symbolic of moral conscience and expression of agape love. As Christians we have to feel pride of assisting someone in desperate need.

Love of fellow human beings despite creed, colour and nationally is universally affirmed in the teaching of Christianity and as well as other cultures. It is important to learn from the Judea - Christian traditions, values and life stories from the prophets and Jesus himself in the bible that enriched us to be more affirm. A classical example is the gospel of good Samaritan.

The refugees at Manus are like prisoners who are suffering from extreme deprivation, depression, pain, trauma, and grief and yet we are still adding more problems that their inner strength is weak to carry on another day. The prime ministers of both PNG and Australia need to visit Manus and Pacific International Hospital and make their assessment.

And what about the plight of PNG citizens in this most alarming and deplorable state of the health services. Or rather complete lack off.

It is good that the Catholic bishops are speaking up about the plight of the refugees. I support Fr Giorgio's appeal.

Perhaps it would also be worthwhile to try and get all the churches to add their voices to this appeal.

If Anglican, Lutheran, United Church, and Seventh Day Adventists all joined in speaking up it may make the appeal more effective.

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