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15 January 2019


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I love it Doug. All this hyped-up nostalgia about the good old days in PNG beautifully - and realistically - put into perspective. Especially the supposed 'romance' of tripping along bush tracks in the middle of nowhere.

I had never, ever seen a kerosene refrigerator until I arrived on the Aroma coast in Papua in 1964.

Fortunately an understanding Queenslander, 'Hunk' Thomson, knew all about these contraptions and got mine going, issuing stern words of advice not to have the flame turned up too high to avoid the 'smoking' effect.

Beauty. As an urban Victorian these appliances from a bygone age weren't on my list of 'must-haves'.

I must say the Steamships service from Moresby (not all that far away) was pretty good. I think the boat arrived weekly but half-a-century on the memory may be a little clouded. Groceries and meat were gratefully received but even more so the cartons of SP were keenly scrutinised.

I don't think there were too many breakages. Of course the beer would immediately be placed into the working, non-smoking kero fridges dotted around the station.

Bacardi rum was also another drink imbibed with great relish. Calling into the Boroko RSL or the Kone club
or the Boroko Sports Club when in Mosbi to down a few glasses of Bacardi and Coke was almost a ritual post-work.

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