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MADANG – Papua New Guinea’s deputy prime minister Charles Abel has gone on record in an interview with the Post Courier newspaper claiming he is not at all fazed by the looming vote of no confidence in Peter O’Neill.

“We [the government] are fully intact as far as I am concerned, the prime minister has our support,” Abel has said.

Really? If the government was really intact then why did it adjourn parliament until this month to avoid sitting during the first week of February, which has been the practice in the past.

The government is anything but intact. The real question is what are O'Neill, Abel and their foreign cronies, who have become millionaires on our people's tax money, doing to ensure they have the numbers to defeat a motion of vote of no confidence?

Abel claims the people gave the mandate to govern to the Peoples National Congress Party after the 2017 national general election.

“PNC Party got the mandate of the people and I think any incoming government after an election must continue to have the opportunity to govern," Abel is reported as saying.

“I don’t think changing governments or prime ministers and disturbing the mandate of the people is conducive to good governance.”

Wrong! PNC did not get the mandate of the people. PNC went into the 2017 general elections with 52 sitting members and endorsed a total of 93 candidates.

Of the 52 sitting MPs only 22 were re-elected representing a return of just 42%. And of 93 candidates endorsed, only 29 (32%) were elected.

These results are hardly a mandate of the people. A majority mandate would be returning 56 MPs not 29.

Further, independent international observers described the 2017 general election as marred by widespread violence, vote rigging and bribery, declaring it anything but free and fair.

The question is just how many seats would PNC have won if the election was free and fair - perhaps just 10, if any.

An interesting fact is that Abel lost support even in his own electorate. In 2012 Abel polled 15,000 votes; however in 2017 his vote dropped to 11,000. His primary vote dropped from 12,000 to 8,000.

With Abel’s praise of the purported achievements by PNC and the O’Neill government, one would think his voter base would be going forward not backwards.

The recent unrest and ongoing social issues facing Alotau suggest Abel is at serious risk of not being returned in 2022.

Now while some will say the same of issues facing Madang, the difference is I inherited the issues. I’ve been in office only one year of my first term, while Abel has been the Member for Alotau for 11 years. So there is no real excuse on his part.

Abel talks of good governance, well I believe Abel is confused between opportunity to govern with opportunity to steal.

O'Neill is known for everything but good governance. It is my view O'Neill will go down in the history as PNG's most corrupt prime minister.

Abel goes on to declare his unwavering support for prime minister O’Neill.

"The prime minister certainly has my support and our PNC Party is fully intact, we are not particularly fazed by vote of no confidence, it is part of politics and we just have to deal with them.”

One would understand Abel wouldn't support a change of government for starters, it would mean he would be stripped of his position as deputy prime minister and treasurer and may end up becoming politically irrelevant.

Meanwhile, the people have to deal with a flat-lining economy, record increases in the cost of living, increasing taxes, a hike in tertiary fees, little or no job prospects, hospitals without drugs, escalating law and order issues, and no payment of entitlements and allowances, to name a few.

Another issue of serious concern is Papua New Guineans forced to live in poverty and watch the influx of Chinese nationals, who arrive with nothing but a suitcase and end up as overnight millionaires on our resources and public funds thanks to stupid and corrupt politicians and government officials who are only too willing to award them inflated multi-million kina contracts.

Parliament will resume in eight days on 22 January. If Abel is of the view it would be wrong to disturb the people’s mandate, maybe it time to ask the people where their mandate lies.


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Philip Kai Morre

Charles Abel should concentrate on the worsening law and order problem in his area. He has to solve these escalating social problems rather than supporting his prime minister who seems unable to control corruption.

James Marape knows more of these corrupt deals and found it impossible to support his leader so he resigned for the good of his people. More MPs must come out to save the country.

If Peter O Nell is not replaced, 80 percent of the government MPs will never be re-elected. We are fed up.

Nason Mul Solo

People are sick and tired of listening to politicians fighting for power. We the people of PNG need proper health care, education, employment and a safe environment to live in.

Many policies that have been formulated by this current O'Neill-Abel government are now seen as unrealistic, just political propaganda.

For example, free education (the Tuition Fee Free policy) instead of creating quality education we have been fooled by the government only to realise that the TFF policy produced many drop outs and unproductive citizens.

There are not enough spaces available at tertiary institutions and no job opportunities for the graduates. This is unacceptable.

Health care policy is also unrealistic, our hospitals run out of drugs and sisters and mothers throughout PNG are dying from curable diseases.

This current government has done many mistakes. They misuse and mismanage our economy. There is systematic and systemic corruption eating our society.

Our incompetent, self-centered and power hungry politicians are building their empire overseas and becoming overnight millionaires at the expense of our poor neglected and marginalised people.

It is about time our good Lord put everything clear. Thank you Madang MP Bryan Kramer for being eloquent, brave, courageous and fearless to fight the corrupt politicians. Let's wait for the vote of no confidence. God bless PNG.

Mathias Kin

O'Neill Paire is so bad that he could end up as the worst prime minister ever in PNG history. And Abel is a very able side kick for Paire. They just stink! Uggghh!

Jimmy Awagl

Abel loves devoting his leadership for the crooks to reign but their evil desires will ruin their throne sooner.

The current regime defamed and lacks the people's mandate. If the vote of no confidence turns out successfully, Peter and Charles will cry over the spit milk. Wait for the days to come.

Francis Nii

My respect for Charles Abel is diminishing because he is more worried about serving Peter O'Neill and PNC's interests than serving the interests of the people while O'Neill corruptly runs down this country.

For one week now I am using masking tape to dress my bedsores because the hospital ran out of plaster.

This is the start of the second week and I don't know when the supplies will arrive.This is just an example of the state of health service for an "economy that has turned the corner".

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