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30 January 2019


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The problem Philip is a canker that is affecting many societies today. The lack of ethical leadership and the lack of clear and desirable purpose.

In the 'old days' this was handled by drafting the nation's youth into armies and attacking the outsider or traditional enemy.

Today, that alternative has been papered over without any logical alternative offered or determined. That is basically because those in leadership roles are not really leaders but charlatans who pose as leaders to receive the spoils of the position.

The only alternative apparently available to control our societies from disintegrating is fear of retribution and promoting something useful that can be enthusiastically supported.

Service Clubs are often a source of good ideas if they are supported and encouraged. Police Citizen Youth Clubs, Church sponsored welfare and health projects, Senior Citizen discussion groups may all have constructive suggestions if they are consulted?

A Youth Corps is another alternative but who is prepared to organize and run it? Barbara Short raised her contact with a group of young Sepiks who were organizing themselves to get useful things done. I wonder how they are now going?

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