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06 January 2019


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If PNG is the last paradise on earth, then its the paradise without angels and saints.

The term paradise would mean its the place for happiness, joy, serenity and inner peace. It must be the place where we enjoy life to the fullest without problems, pain, hungry, poverty and suffering.

We will see and experience paradise when all our economic problems, law and order, social and all other problems are taken off from us by the prime minister and those leaders who declare PNG paradise.

Paradise is not the place for suffering of human beings. The beauty and splendour of landscape, flora and fauna, the rivers and seas, the mountains and valleys creates avenues for eco-tourism and economic boom but needs political will and changes of attitude from the people.

Excellent piece, Ben. An important segment that is being left out of the discussion is the internal consumers.

Many Papua New Guineans find it cheaper to spend their vacation time in Cairns than in PNG. A while ago I found it be the case. The choice was between Cairns and Kavieng.

There's got to be a way to come up with some holiday packages PNGns can afford.

PNG is a good tourist destination but the cost of services and goods plus the law and order issue are hindrances to tourism development in our country.

Though, PNG is the last paradise, it is best and first the corrupt country of crooks, thieves and adulterers. These low lives add no value to the country to boost the economy or development.

PNG is a country of boundless beauty but with vast misuse and abuse, degrading it's potential from generating great prosperity for its people.

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