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09 January 2019


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This shit is white with essence of dollar.

Somebody put those mofo's at KTOA in a book and slaughter them.

I'd like to buy that novel in the non-fiction section.

Four requests that should be enforced immediately by PNG's Kokoda Track Authority upon all trek operators: along the Kokoda Trail:

• Pack weights reduced to 18 kg;

• Porters provided with proper sleeping bag and ground sheet;

• Take home travel allowance of K250 upon completion of the trek; and

• Increase minimum wage from K60 to K70 per day.

K70 per day is still too low but, enforced alongside the home travel allowance of K250, is a start, and something for KTA to advocate beyond April 2019.

Responsibility is up to and lies with PNG to ensure that the Papua New Guinean men who provide the labour across the Trail are treated with respect and awarded accordingly for the intensive labour they provide in quite unsafe conditions.

Visit Instagram and search a number hashtags (eg #kokoda, #kokodatrail, #kokodatrack, #kokodatrek, #trekkokolda etc) and note how often trekkers post images of carriers/ porters and guides along with captions of heartfelt gratitude for aiding their safety and successful completions of trekking along the Trail.

Note also how often trek operators (Australian) post ( or regram) images of carriers/porters and guides as being crucial to their operation.

Now demand that these very same Australian trek tour companies enact their sentiments through ethical and responsible business ventures along the Trail.

I said it in my series 'Trail Of Woe', and I'll say it again - without carriers/porters and guides, there is no Kokoda Trail trek tourism industry.

These Papua New Guinean men have been subjected to an unacceptable, defunct and seemingly exploitative industry for far too long.

Three months to go. KTA must enforce the four requirements now.

Above the tree line porters should have . . . a sleeping mat and a decent blanket or sleeping bag.’[xi]

Well done Adventure Kokoda. The standard is well intentioned yet subject to parasitic impost by unscrupulous operators.

Ideally, the porters should assert the rules be adhered to by all parties prior to trekking. I note of recent practice the airlines scaling carry-on baggage to counter the predatory instincts of passengers re overloading.

Perhaps the recent experience of trekking involving Rashmii might offer open windows of opportunity to throw more light on how best to engage all parties to serve the obvious needs.

Sporting bodies often employ the Kokoda trek as a highlight of personal achievement. Maybe they could be drawn into the publicity highlighting the betterment of PNG workplace conditions.

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