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19 January 2019


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UN Human Rights Watch gives a comprehensive view of human rights abuses, violence and corruption in government and call for actions.

So who is going to act, correct and change our human rights abuses because the very people in authority are themselves corrupt. The prime minister, ministers and MPs won't do anything to change these corrupt deals.

Can the UN and other powerful countries step in to assist us. For so long we have been victims of corrupt government, corrupt police force and bureaucrats who are destroying our country and its people.

Can a UN peacekeeping force assist our police who are corrupt and who we don't trust any more.

UNPG 'shakeup' and "special Supreme Court reference" filed? Will 2019 stretch, scorch or smooth societal fabric?

Thank you for this excellent discussion on the report. What is particularly significant in my view is the aftermath of the shooting incident on 8 June 2016, when hundreds of life rounds were fired at peacefully protesting students on the UPNG campus in Port Moresby. I quote:

"Despite the ombudsman and police announcing investigations into the 2016 police shooting of eight student protesters in Port Moresby, at time of writing no police had been charged or disciplined and neither body had issued a report."

The orders must have been given from high up, and the incident was particularly convenient because parliamentary discussion were suspended on the last day a motion of no-confidence could be tabled before elections.

The PM promised an investigation, which so far has not happened. Nothing is stopping it from happening again. The message is clear, those who protest will be shot at.

It is common knowledge that in PNG the only civil society organizations that can challenge the government are the SRCs of the two large public universities. Both have been suspended. Indefinitely. The road to autocracy has been taken.

Nice blog of yours related good topics. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Eventually, many of the most obvious abuse categories will be ameliorated (never eliminated?) and world best practice bench-marking metrics of eye-glaze will layer over societal interest.

If only that measure, if small, can come sooner.

Meanwhile to what is aspiration being led?

Here in Australia with world best aspiration as a 'given', it comes as a surprise when the 'occasional' incident is so screwball that it breaks through the surfeit layering and evokes comment in terms rather stridently as "rampant cronyism."
See comment by Elizabeth Farrelly:

Anyway, heads up, PNG. Topping up a "pineapple" is an example of layering for Australians to note.

Exactly what did Australia get for our K305 million? Was that part of our aid budget or an extra cost?

Exactly what did PNG get from our contributions?

According to the above report, at the very least PNG received an objective lesson in reality.

My understanding is that the APEC costs were in addition to the regular aid budget of K1.3 billion - KJ

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