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13 January 2019


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Chips Mackellar

Superb story, Paul. Tell us more.

Raymond Sigimet

Thank you Paul. I enjoyed this interesting history with its mix of mystery and suspense.

Concerning the hunt kill by the villager's dog, I believe if it was a kapul, then it's a cuscus. And if it's a tree kangaroo, then it was a sikau. Thanks again.

Tok Pisin evolves in interesting ways as we know. At the time Paul writes of, a kapul was a possum or a tree kangaroo and a sikau was a wallaby. A sikau bilong antap was a tree kangaroo - KJ

Chris Overland

An interesting patrol Paul.

I never found a deserted village in the course of my patrol work but I did visit a long deserted patrol post.

The location in question was the old Beara station in the Gulf District. It had been abandoned around 1960, being replaced by Baimuru Patrol Post. The latter had an excellent grass airstrip, plus was the location of the patrol area's only major business enterprises, being a sawmill and the fabulous Gulf Hotel.

I visited Beara in 1970, just out of curiosity. As you might expect, it was heavily overgrown and the buildings were in a fairly advanced state of decay. I took a few photos of it, which I still have on my computer.

Beara's major claim to fame, so I was told, was that the legendary Clarry Healy was banished there for some offence, the nature of which was never revealed to me.

Anyway, I assume that the ruins have long since succumbed to the jungle once more.

I look forward to more of your story about this patrol.

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