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07 January 2019


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This situation is nothing that hasn't occurred before. In the Middle Ages in Europe, people sought supernatural answers to disease and natural phenomena when no logical answer was then available or could be understood.

The essence of the matter is twofold. Lack of education and lack of law and order. These two problem areas have allowed superstition, lawlessness and a collapse in education systems to fuel tribal warfare and violence to take over.

The issue is surely why this has been allowed to happen?

The answer is clear. No one is effectively controlling how the nation is run at the grass roots. Why? Well, everyone will no doubt have their own perspective on that question.

The real answer is that no one has learnt from what happened before.

The tragedy is that in 1975, when Australia gave independence to PNG, the system of government, education and control was not either understood or locally accepted as suitable.

It was however, in the vast majority of cases, effective.

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