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01 January 2019


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An amazing day on that tarmac. As the Tolai mounted their objection on the other side of the police and riot personnel lines, as I recall Gorton lessened tensions by inviting John Kaputin and Oscar Tammur to the platform to address the mob.

Had any of us known that Gorton was armed we probably would have been a lot more nervous.

It was a counterpoint to the other little-reported incident on the Gorton visit.

On first arrival at the media/staff accommodation at the Hotel Papua in Moresby, a journalist's room was flooded (Laurie Oakes from memory) on the ground floor.

Explanation - an all-too hastily plumbed-in bath in the room above on the first floor - the existing shower being insufficient for Gorton's Private Secretary - Ainsley Gotto!

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