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06 December 2018


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Mathias Kin

Thank you for all your positive comments on our project, My Chimbu. I wish to write a post on this separately.
However very briefly here, I am thankful to all my friends on PNG Attitude since 2014, who have been commenting on my my various articles, snippets from my project I posted here and who have been encouraging as I laboured through My Chimbu over many years.

I am especially thankful to Phil Fitzpatrick, Keith Jackson, Robin Hide and Bill Standish who have done so much towards the book. Without these people I would have had a really hard time, especially accessing information.

My friends at Simbu Writers Association have also stood by me through sun and rain, 'tulait na tudak', as I laboured through the project.

Thank you olgeta wantok.

Dave Ekins

Well done Mathias. I recall us discussing this project about 7 years ago, particularly regarding John Costelloe. Looking forward to obtaining a copy.

Simon Davidson

Hi Mathias - You have done a excellent job to collect the information to write a book like this. Well done.

History recorded in books endures. PNG has a million stories waiting to be told. What you have done is excellent. Also kudos for Francis Nii for getting the book through publication.

Bob Cleland

I've ordered a copy Mathias and am looking forward to reading it.

My copy arrived from Amazon during the week and I was knocked out by the production, the writing, the colour plates and especially by the scholarship - KJ

Jimmy Awagl

Congrats Mathias Kin, well done.

Arnold Mundua

This is an excellent review of Mr Kin's book, Phil. I had the opportunity to glance through it when he handed me a draft copy. I will not hesitate to declare it as a 'masterpiece' from the hands of one of Simbu's very own.

Thank you Phil and congratulations Mathias Kin on this fine achievement.

Philip Kai Morre

I salute Mathias Kin for his well research book, the tedious process, sleepless nights, critics and patients pays off.

Mathias is not an anthropologist, ethnographer or historian. He is an engineer by profession. In gathering oral history, he wrote down objectively what people told him, the places, times and people involved in major events including killings of innocent people in the name of colonisation.

He does not write what he thinks but factual information that needed to be told for generations to come. Few of us did research with the late anthropologist Paula Brown who wrote beyond the mountain valley but never did anything on the killings.

Even the late pioneer anthropologist Fr John Nilles SVD never mentioned these sensitive issues. Fr Anio Montevani SVD, also an anthropologist who lived more than 30 years in Yombai parish South Simbu(Mathias Kin's place), would have been happy to read Mathias Kin's book. He was the priest who baptised both Francis Nii and Mathias Kin.

There is more to write about Simbu history and related topics and someone can write the second volume or something else. I have had the pride and honour to be a team member of SWA that puts Simbu on the literary map and which has much impact and motivation on young people.

Robert Muka

A view point from the colonised - 'My Chimbu'. Great preview Phil and well done Mathias Kin.

Cannot wait to get a copy after having read “Beyond the Mountain Valley“ by Paula Brown and “MJ Leahy Exploration into Highland New Guinea” by J Goodall.

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