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31 December 2018


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Ben - Very interesting real life story of your grandfather who is an intellectual giant. I have read similar stories from refugees and asylum seekers from around the world who are victims of German war who escaped the hell of Auschwitz gas chamber with their last latent powers and inner strength to escape to live another day.

Germany produced many of the top scientists, inventors, mathematicians and technicians but the madness of Adolf Hitler forced them out to develop other countries.

German rocket scientists put Russia and USA in the space race when they escaped from Germany. Aircraft engineers, and other inventors dispersed all over the world and helped to develop their adopted countries.

In a similar way asylum seekers are scientists, doctors, engineers, psychologists etc whom we could utilise them to develop our country.

It's an opportunity to screen those people and get them all to develop our country. They are not criminals in any sense but asylum seekers who escaped from their countries because of political reasons.

Thanks for this story. It reminds me of a friend, a WW2 vet named Lt Barney Nelson whom I met in America in 1991. He had been fighting in Aitape during the war.

Barney was a descendant of Jewish immigrants who had fled to America. I was overcome with emotion when he told me why his people had migrated there.

"They came here for safety, security and a place where they could fear no one. America was a place to feel safe."

The refugees on Manus island may not be genuine refugees but they are like every other human beings on the face of this earth who wish for good jobs, freedom to own a home, buy a piece of land or start businesses to be successful in life.

Many people who had settled in America earlier were against those immigrants who poured in later in their thousands.

But the American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson thought it was a good idea because he felt America needed them.

Emerson wrote in 1823: "A nation, like a tree, does not thrive well till it is engrafted with a foreign stock."

I would urge the PNG government to consider inviting the Manus Island refugees to settle freely in some parts of this beautiful country being raped by selfish, greedy, bribery paying loggers who came here through illegal means - some even caught in containers at the Madang wharf.

PNG needs to settle genuine refugees whose skills our country definitely needs.

The difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee is that asylum seekers are thoroughly checked by the United Nations to assure they are genuine refugees. If they are not genuine, they are not designated as refugees. About 90% of the men on Manus are genuine refugees - KJ

Thanks for that story. We forget so soon. A new generation comes along and the old stories don't get passed along. Sometimes the grandchildren are just not interested. Thank you Ben for being interested.

There is much that could be written about the Manus and Nauru refugees. I hope they will all soon be accepted in places where they can be free to live and be happy.

It is obvious that there is this huge unresolved refugee problem in the world today. I'm sure the answer is very complicated.

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