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10 December 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

Today in PNG Attitude, Marlene Potoura laments the loss of “innocent people who were assassinated in Bougainville by rebels who had lost what the true fighters were fighting for.”

Also, MP Bryan Kramer attests a “stern warning to members of parliament, public servants and foreign cronies who have enriched themselves at the expense of our people.”

Transparency International urges that “all forms of corruption must be ended to secure the basic rights of all people and ensure a world where everyone can live in dignity.”

With no longer the prospect of a political diversion such as APEC, the nation that wants of itself, the people of PNG are staring at the meaning of trust.

What murk, what fog of PNG’s political dawn prevents better understanding? Is it not only the vapours of vacuous suggestions from ‘well-oiled machines’, is it statements that are of the stones that tower between villagers in remote places, is it the self-gratification of ears yearning a tok that is less than widely understood?

PNG people have a prodigious ability to take action. Hope is action will align with sound reasoning, with appreciable input from the greater cohort of voters (did women participate in that storming of Parliament Haus?) and with spiritedness that emerges such as at Christmas gatherings, where the light shining for peace and goodwill for all, is matched with the PNG constitutional word ‘equity’.

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