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03 December 2018


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Rashmii Bell

Last year. I reflected on Benjamin Law' Quarterly Essay 'Moral Panic':

One of that points I tried to make was potential for diaspora PNGns in taking the lead in how LGBITQ can be supported in-country, based on our exposure and experience of discourse.

In Law's essay, he referred to an Year 12 Formal event held outside of mainstream Victorian school graduation events specifically for LGBITQ students to attend, being their preferred partner and enjoy their celebration in an accepting environment.

Last night, a Brisbane youth service provider also held its inaugural event.

I am so pleased to read of Patrick's (and others) safe haven, and the band of PNG campaigners.

Philip Kai Morre

Gay men and lesbians live a suffering life and their problem is psychological not physiological. We should understand their mentality and way of thinking and doing things. Some may have genetic disorder and others are social conditional or environment factors they are born to.

Some are not interested in opposite sex but their own type. Their self worth, esteem and image is quite different where normal people would think that they are abnormal but its not. We need to understand them and respect their rights as human beings.

Joe Herman

Doesn't the bible say something about loving your neighbors, Pawa?

Philip Fitzpatrick

A not unexpected response, Pawa.

I truly feel sorry for you.

Pawa Kenny Ambiasi

Anyone who is accepting gay or lesbian marriages in Papua New Guinea is not against PNG's constitutional law but God.

God created man and woman for sexual purposes and genealogy. Not for Pleasure. People are to respond their gender and sexuality. No make ups.

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