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04 December 2018


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Philip Kai Morre

The government made a big issue out of the APEC meeting saying that it will bring positive changes and development. But the prime minister and his ministers and even opposition members lived in the world of delusions and dreams. Dreamers lived in the fixed false belief that something good is happening but in reality it doesn't.

The APEC members should know that Port Moresby is not PNG and should see for themselves the real situation by visiting remote towns and villages in PNG.

Let APEC members experience the real socio-economic situation and poverty level in PNG. The escalating social and law and order problems, transnational crime syndicates in drugs and human trafficking, arms smuggling etc.

APEC members should discuss the West Papua human rights issue that is affecting PNG.

But why did APEC meet in a country not capable of hosting, milking much of the money supposed to develop rural roads, aid posts, schools, build better police stations in the provinces, public servants housing, rural water supply and much more.

Arthur Williams

For some time now we have been reading in PNG media of Oh’Neill and his ministers wanting to reform the extractive industry handouts for the companies enriching themselves with PNG’s gold etc.

Only yesterday at the opening of the Mining, Petroleum Conference in Sydney he repeated this wish. Beaut good on you Masta Pita!

Then today I read in the Post Courier: "Mining Minister Johnson Tuke told the Mining and Petroleum Conference in Sydney that proposed amendments to the Mining Act (1992) will be made next year.

"He said this despite previous indication of last month being the sitting that would introduce the proposed amendments.

"Citing concerns from the industry and the need for independent review from within government circles, he said the amendment would still take place nonetheless citing an over 9 years consultative period."

Wow, he’s a clever and prophetic guy because he knows the results of the so called ‘independent review’ in his remarks. That makes me think: ‘If it looks like it and smells like then its gotta be it!’

The deferral could allow the LNG Gulf project, if agreed as promised by the cartel elites, to avoid the reforms promised. You will note my name for the project which cleverly the spivs call Papua LNG to avoid supporting the Gulf peoples’ demands for a refinery in their impoverished province.

On mining, I see the beautiful pristine turquoise waters of Woodlark Island are soon to be polluted by yet another submarine tailings disposal system.

They are quoting a 2014 Environmental Permit to do so. To hell with sustainable eco-tourism. Guess they forget the Misima mine mess.

Paul Oates

This situation is as old as human history and certainly has been acknowledged many times before. Take for example a well known piece of written history that admittedly, is often misquoted or used for the wrong purpose.

I therefore use the best archaic version I have available and that may not have been tampered with a lot:

‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.’ Matthew 23:27

"Cleanse what are within, and what are without will be clean."

Surely those words could well have been written of the recent APEC Meeting:

‘Nogut yu lukim planti blas istap lo matmat na lusim tingting lo wanem samting istap insait.’

Philip Fitzpatrick

If you look at the autocratic regimes in the world - China, Russia, North Korea - and some of the African nations you will see a propensity for grand displays.

These displays are something like fancy icing on top of dunghills. They are designed to cover up the poverty, corruption and other problems that lie underneath.

The extravagance of APEC in PNG has all the hallmarks of one of these displays.

The excuse for holding it on was to showcase Papua New Guinea to the world but this didn't happen.

All that was put on display was selected and carefully managed parts of Port Moresby. A tizzied up Port Moresby was the icing on the dunghill.

One can be rightfully cynical of the government's motives. If their intentions had been honourable in 2013 they had plenty of time to reform all of Papua New Guinea to present to the world.

That they did not do this and probably had no intention of doing it is an indictment of their leadership.

What they really wanted was new big deals to sell off more resources, get more outrageous loans and to fill their own pockets with bribes and kickbacks.

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