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15 November 2018


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Paul Oates

Like many other before and since, Barry Jones ran foul of the political system when he thought he could sail above it though intelligent debate and factual discussion.

We recently have heard a constant and continual bleating by a new force to be reckoned with. The 'Millennials' are starting to make themselves heard above the incessant pressure to 'download the App' and get more involved in social media.

Apparently us Baby Boomers are all at fault for causing all the world's problems and are being held responsible for the dire straits Millennials find themselves in. Why it's an absolute travesty that Baby Boomers are now about to depart and leave the Millennials a world that is reportedly spiraling out of control.

Why can't we see the plight of the Millenials in that they can only continue to enjoy the results of our passing generation's labours if they now look like having to work hard at keeping themselves in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

They have now decided on the the perfect 'Convenient Cop Out'. They have worked out they are going to inherit a world they don't want with all it's social media, expensive life styles and rotten expectations of global warming. Can't we imagine how hard it is to switch off your smart phone just because you're driving your unmuddied, Off Road SUV vehicle or actually trying get some sleep at night? Imagine the gall of encountering a bully sending you an SMS when you can't bear to not look at your phone or simply delete the idiot?

What a rotten trick to leave the energy hungry world to them to fix! Why they may have to find solutions to the age old human problems of a hungry world, thirsty for power and food and water.

So when did we make all those disastrous decisions Phil? I don't remember making any world shattering decisions at all as I tried to pay back mortgages at 17.5% and pay school fees etc. etc.

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